Marriage certificates

An Abridged Typed Marriage Certificate, is issued by the Home Affairs department to the couple after the marriage. This Abridged Marriage Certificate is sufficient for couples who are living in South Africa, and it will also be accepted in certain countries overseas with an apostille  / authentication - please just confirm that the country you intend using it in will accept this version.

Both parties have to still be alive and married to each other.

Processing Time:

+/- 1 week


Dependent on the number of certificates required.  Please request a quote on-line or email


A letter of non impediment is a letter issued by the Department of Home Affairs stating your marital status.

This is normally required if you intend getting married in an overseas country. In most instances you will require the letter of no impediment to be apostilled / authenticated by DIRCO and we will gladly assist with this for you.  We will need you to send us the original letter of no impediment in order for us to proceed with the legalisation process

Please request a quote on-line or email

Please provide the following information in the quote request:

1. Which country you will require the document to be legaliased for

2. To which country we need to return the document and 

3. If you require the original Letter of no impediment to legalised or a notarised copy.

We unfortunately we can not assist in the application of the letter of non impediment and there is no option to expedite this at all.


Also know as  a "full marriage certificate"

Home Affairs locates the original marriage registration document in the archives to complete the information required for the unabridged certificate.  It contains detailed information on the particulars of the marriage.

When will you require an unabridged Marriage Certificate?

  • Emigration purposes
  • Visas for certain countries

We can only assist by expediting an application that has already been submitted at a Home Affairs office in SA.

Processing time to expedite the application:

+/- 3-6 weeks - depending on how quickly the original records are retrieved in the archives.

If you have just been married recently - please contact your marriage officer and ask for a scanned copy of the 2 pages of the marriage register(DHA-30). This will aid us in expediting the application ASAP. 

The costs depends on how many certificates are required.


When applying for certain foreign passports, for example British , Irish and German, a Vault Marriage Certificate is required. This is a copy of the original "marriage registration" that was submitted to Home Affairs by the marriage officer. This copy is then date stamped and certified by the Department of Home Affairs.

We can assist with the legalisation of vault copies if required.

Please email us on for a detailed quote.

We unfortunately do not offer a  service to apply for the vault certificates and there is no option to expedite vault applications


Please click on REQUEST A QUOTE above and:

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  • complete all the details and we will gladly assist.