Getting your marital status verified on DHA’s system is a common request we receive from clients. Although the process seems simple, it can be difficult for Home Affairs to identify whether you are unmarried, married, divorced, widowed, or departed. Here are a few things you should know about checking your status with the DHA.


Your status is a reflection of your marital status. You are categorized into six different status types — single, married, divorced, widow, widower and deceased. It is essentially the information stored by the Department of Home Affairs about your current marital status. Most South Africans living abroad find it difficult to verify their status since local DHA offices are inaccessible. 


Since March 2018, the DHA’s online tool doesn’t function outside of SA, making it extremely difficult to verify your status outside of SA. The DHA does not allow SMS-based verification for South Africans outside of South Africa, since SMSs cannot be sent from overseas. 

Are Divorce Records Public in South Africa?

You may not be able to view the divorce records unless you are a party to the case or a legal representative of one of the parties. 


You will need to visit your nearest Office of Home Affairs if you decide to verify your marital status on your own. If you live abroad, you can verify your marital status at the nearest consulate or embassy. You may have to wait a long time for the process to complete.


DocAssist verifies status directly with the Department of Home Affairs as part of our service. We can even assist in having your status corrected if necessary.

Do you need to verify your status with Home Affairs?

Verifying your status through Home Affairs can be beneficial in many situations. Some individuals may have been unknowingly registered as married due to immigration scams.


Many divorcees assume that their DHA status will change automatically once a divorce is finalized in court. That isn’t always the case, however. A divorcee whose status hasn’t changed could be identified with a status check. You’ll also be able to address any mistakes promptly. You will also need a status verification if you intend to apply for citizenship or residency abroad.


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