If there’s one team of professional document procurement specialists you can rely on to assist clients to obtain police clearance certificates in South Africa, it’s the team at Doc Assist!

Based in South Africa, but able to assist clients living abroad and locally to apply for or renew police clearance certificates, Doc Assist takes all the frustration out of the process of these applications.

We all know the frustration of waiting in queues for any official document in South Africa. It’s something that has become a part of our lives. 

We all know that if you need an ID, there’ll be frustration, waste of time, running from one queue to another, and on and on, while the same applies with unabridged birth certificates and marriage certificates, for instance.

With Doc Assist, all of this goes away. They do it all for you, not just the police clearance certificate application, which is well worth bearing in mind for the future.

Assist clients to obtain police clearance certificates in South Africa

How straightforward does Doc Assist make their police clearance services? Well, it’s literally a 5 step process that takes you right up until the day a trusted courier delivers your approved police clearance certificate right to your doorstep.

The team at Doc Assist has been submitting police clearance certificates on a daily basis for years now, and in the process have learned all that’s necessary to expedite the process, despite backlogs at the SAPS Criminal Record Centre (CRC).

From the moment Doc Assist receives all your documentation necessary for the application, your part in the process is over, unless you’d like to contact them for updated processing dates, due to the backlog at the CRC in Pretoria.

How Doc Assist helps to obtain police clearance certificates in South Africa

The simple steps involved in obtaining your police clearance certificate via Doc Assist requires that you send the team the following;

  1. A full set of your fingerprints done in ink
  2. 2 copies of your ID or passport
  3. A copy of your marriage certificate, should you wish to have both your maiden and married surname on your police clearance certificate.
  4. Information on the country in which the police clearance certificate will be used.

Once Doc Assist has received these documents and fingerprints, they’ll jump into action to get your application moving immediately. 

The one thing you don’t get when you apply at your local SAPS police station is the surety that your application has, in fact, been captured on the SAPS system.

However, with Doc Assist, you can be absolutely certain that they will make sure your application is registered on the SAPS system, which is an essential, time-saving step.

The 5th step mentioned above, is when Doc Assist sends you a scanned copy of your police clearance certificate via email, allowing you to ensure that all details are correct, before they send you the original via courier!

Contact Doc Assist today to find out more about what they can do to assist clients to obtain police clearance certificates in South Africa, minus any frustration or waste of time!


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