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Abridged Birth Certificate

An abridged birth certificate is a computer print out (without the parents details), and is normally used in South Africa (to open bank accounts etc) The certificate can be apostilled or legalised but please ensure that the abridged will be accepted overseas.

We will require the 13 digit SA ID number in all cases. 

Processing Time:

+/- 2 weeks.


Dependent on the number of certificates required. Please email us on quote@docassist.co.za for a detailed quote.


Unabridged Birth Certificate

An unabridged birth certificate shows both the applicants parents details (Home Affairs locates the original birth registration document in the archives and all details from this document are placed in the unabridged birth certificate) .

Home Affairs have removed the word UNABRIDGED from the top of the certificate – but as long as it states both parents details – it is the unabridged.

The unabridged birth certificate is a computer print out and the document can be apostilled or legalised.

When will you require an unabridged Birth Certificate?

•             Emigration purposes

•             Visas for certain countries

UNABRIDGED  birth certificate (UBB)

In both cases we need ALL details of the application and the 13 digit SA ID number.


(you apply at Home Affairs – we expedite – you collect where applied for)

  • you apply at Home Affairs and
  • we expedite (get it completed) –
  • and on completion you collect again at the Home Affairs where you applied
  • Please email for a detailed quote: quote@docassist.co.za
  • processing time : we will provide approximate processing times on your detailed quote


Option 2 – AGENCY APPLICATION – only available in certain instances

(agency applies on your behalf  – they collect on completion  – DHL to you)

Current update – the agent can submit the applications at the moment and as soon as the Head office reopens they will work on the applications

  • we have an agent that submits the application at Home Affairs (as this is outsourced option and more expensive)
  • on completion they collect and
  • we DHL to your address
  • we will provide approximate processing times on your detailed quote
  • please email for a detailed quote: quote@docassist.co.za

We will require 13 digit SA ID numbers in all instances as well as the dates of birth / marriage / death for the person whose application this is in all instances. 

In the event that you have already applied at a Home Affairs in SA:

Please can you advise

  1. Where and when did you applied?
  2. Date of birth of this application
  3. Please contact the call center to get the latest status update on the application and then email me the status then we can proceed with a quote: They might have requested additional documents that is delaying the application

HOME AFFAIRS CONTACT CENTRE  – please just be patient when calling this number as they are very busy and it can take a while to speak to an agent – the best time would be 7:30 am

0800 60 11 90

Costs dependent on the number of certificates required.

Please note any records older than 1950 – we will require ALL the relevant details including the 13 digit SA ID number. We will evaluate each of these applications on an Ad Hoc basis and if we feel that we would be unable to have successful application we will inform you that we will not be able to assist.

  • Vault Copy of Birth Certificate

    • A vault copy of a  birth certificate is a CERTIFIED copy of the actual birth registration form when the birth was first registered. These copies are usually needed to prove the right to citizenship or a passport  I.e British Passport. You need to apply for the vault copies at a Home Affairs in SA /or at a SA Embassy overseas and there is no option to expedite these applications presently.

    • The vault copy of a birth certificate can be apostilled or legalized and this we can assist with.

Please click on REQUEST A QUOTE above and:

  • state which document  you require assistance with
  • complete all the details and we will gladly assist.

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