You must file a birth registration within thirty days of your child’s birth at the Department of Home Affairs. At the time of registration, you can obtain a free abridged birth certificate. Once your child has been registered, you can order additional unabridged birth certificates. A fee may apply. If you wish to take the child abroad, an unabridged birth certificate is required.


Births can be registered at any Department of Home Affairs office by parents, guardians, or anyone with legal responsibility. Your nearest embassy or consulate can register the birth if you are overseas.


 If unmarried parents have children, they can register a child under either of their surnames. Your child will be registered under the father’s name if you are married. 


The Births and Deaths Amendment Act now requires all parents to receive an unabridged birth certificate. Both parents’ details, including full names, birthplaces, and citizenship, are included in this document. Fraud and human trafficking can be prevented as a result.


A new immigration law that went into effect on 1 June 2015 requires children younger than 18 to present unabridged birth certificates when entering or leaving the country.

How To Register a Birth in South Africa

As previously mentioned, abridged birth certificates are provided to new parents for free. In the event you need additional copies or an unabridged birth certificate, however, you must complete and submit Form BI-154, take a copy of your identification, a copy of the child’s identification, and your application fee to the local DHA office. 


When you go directly to the Department of Home Affairs, it can be difficult to obtain copies of your abridged or unabridged birth certificates. Don’t let that discourage you. We have a solution! If you would like a copy of your unabridged or abridged birth certificate, DocAssist can help you. We can expedite the process if you have already applied and don’t want to spend months waiting. It may not arrive within a few days, but you won’t have to wait months.


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