It may be difficult to decide whether to change your child’s last name following divorce. If you wish to change your child’s last name after divorce, you should consult a family law solicitor. They can put your mind at ease and provide you with support throughout the process.

Minor children must have both parents’ approval before a change of surname can be enrolled. To do so, a court order is required.

Considering your child’s age is imperative when determining how to change their surname. Judges will be less inclined to permit name changes if the child is under five years of age, especially if their other parent’s name appears on the change. As they are so young, they are unlikely to have any link to their other parent if their surname is removed.

Children’s views are considered by the court at age eleven, but their opinions become more significant at age fourteen. When your child turns sixteen or seventeen, they may request that their name be changed on their behalf by the court, or they may decide to conduct a deed poll themselves.

Parental responsibility refers to the legal rights, duties, powers, responsibilities, and authority a parent has in relation to their children. Among the major decisions made during this process are those regarding education, religion, medical information, and even the child’s name.

Can I Change My Child’s Surname Without the Father’s Consent?

Divorce does not abolish parental responsibility. You must obtain the consent of all of your child’s parents, including your ex, before changing your child’s surname. For the proper documentation to be prepared, the parent must provide written consent to the change of surname or forename.

The other parent must consent to the name change before you can apply to the court for permission to change the child’s name. Your child’s well-being and interests will be considered by the court when deciding whether to change their name.

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