It is one of the most distressing events that can happen to a family when a child passes away. Even if the child has not yet been born. 


Many factors may contribute to miscarriage and stillbirth, including maternal age, fetal abnormalities, and infections, many of which can be prevented, such as syphilis and malaria. 


In accordance with the Births and Deaths Registration Act 51 of 1992, stillbirth occurs when the fetus dies before or after 26 weeks of pregnancy. As a result, the baby is born without signs of life. This is also known as fetal loss when the baby dies within the womb. This definition excludes pregnancy loss that occurs after a medical termination or less than 26 weeks of pregnancy.


The South African government requires you to register your baby’s birth after 26 weeks of pregnancy. However, you do not receive a birth or death certificate for stillborn babies. 


In the event of a stillbirth, you will receive a medical certificate from the hospital signed by a doctor or midwife. You will receive a certificate of stillbirth registration once this information has been submitted to the Department of Home Affairs. The information that will be included in the certificate is the baby’s name, the date of delivery, the city and province in which the event occurred, and the names of the parents.


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