Once you’ve gone to the trouble of obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate, you will be asking; does a Police Clearance Certificate expire? Well, yes it does, and it makes sense that it does, since anything can happen in the period for which the PCC is valid, which could mean you have criminal charges against your name that weren’t there before.

It would give criminals a licence to commit crimes if they obtained a valid Police Clearance Certificate that doesn’t have an expiration period! The South African Police Services are committed to ensuring that PCC’s are only valid for a limited period of time, and they do really do their homework, which contributes to the backlog they have in issuing Police Clearance Certificates!

Does a Police Clearance Certificate expire?

Your South African Police Clearance Certificate is only valid for 6 months, which means you need to plan well in advance to make sure that you won’t be sitting in a foreign land with an expired PCC.

If your need for a PCC is for a South African employer, things will be little easier when it comes to having to renew your PCC, if that’s what your employer expects.

In most instances, employers only request a Police Clearance Certificate to make sure that a potential employee doesn’t have a criminal record and is not wanted by the police.

What about expungement of a criminal record?

Doc Assist will help you to apply for the expungement of a criminal record before applying for a PCC, but only if:

  • The conviction for an offence has lapsed 10 years after the conviction
  • That there have been no other convictions or prison sentences during the lapsed 10 years
  • That the person has not been convicted of sexual offences against children or people who are mentally disabled

What you’ll need for the expungement of a criminal record

Once you furnish Doc Assist with your criminal record, they’ll be able to apply for police clearance, with the record, which assists in the expungement process.

Once the team has submitted everything for the expungement process to begin, you could be looking at a waiting period of up to 6 months for the expungement to be completed.

Once the expungement has been confirmed, Doc Assist will be able to take the next step, which is to begin the process of applying for a Police Clearance Certificate. This application for a new PCC will be started, minus the criminal record previously expunged.

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