Most of us know by now that if you are planning to apply for a visa, whether for studying, working overseas and immigrating, you’ll have to be in possession of a valid, all-important South African Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

This is an official document that lets the host country you’re travelling to know that you do not have any criminal record against your name, which many international countries consider a record of ‘good standing’, meaning that you will not bring disrepute to their country.

Another thing most South Africans know well are queues and long, frustrating waiting periods for official documents, which can make the thought of applying for a police clearance certificate seem like a lengthy and very daunting process, to say the least.

However, it needn’t be such a stressful experience, especially when you have a team of experts at Doc Assist on your side, taking all the frustration out of the entire process on your behalf!

Questions raised like; does police clearance certificate expire?; is where Doc Assist steps in to lighten the load, with well-earned knowledge and many years’ worth of experience in applying for police clearance certificates on a daily basis.

This team of professionals is able to assist you with police clearance certificate applications and renewals, whether you are currently living overseas or are in South Africa, making their base in this country their headquarters for serving their clients around the globe.

Does police clearance certificate expire?

Only the SAPS Criminal Records Centre is able to do the in-depth search of records necessary in order to issue police clearance certificates, where there is unfortunately still a large backlog in applications.

This is where the reputation and relationships built by the team at Doc Assist come in very handy, to assist their clients in applying for police clearance certificates as timeously as possible.

According to SAPS, the South African police clearance certificate is valid for 6 months from the date on which it was issued, however, there are some countries in which it may only be valid for 3 months.

It is essential to speak to the professionals at Doc Assist when you provide them with the details of the country you’ll be going to, so that they can inform you of the expiry date of the police clearance certificate in that particular country.

Doc Assist is able to help clients living, studying or working overseas, to renew or apply for a new police clearance certificate, no distance is too far for this team of experts.

What Doc Assist requires from you for your application for a PCC

All you need to send to the team at Doc Assist to get your application for a police clearance certificate started is;

  • A set of your fingerprints in ink, which will need to be done at your closest police station. If you are overseas, it can be done at the South African Embassy
  • Information about the country in which the police clearance certificate will be used
  • 2 Copies of either your ID or Passport
  • Your marriage certificate, should you wish to have both your maiden and married surname on the police clearance certificate

Once this is done, Doc Assist will personally deliver your application to the CRC and make sure that your application is registered on the SAPS system, which is often where applications done any other way are lost.

If you would like to know more about what Doc Assist can do to take all the frustration out of applying for a police clearance certificate, contact them today for more information, or for a quotation to expedite your application.

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