If there’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say, there’s also more than one way to get a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), hence the lead-off; everything you need to know about getting a police clearance in South Africa.

There’s the long and winding road that takes a very long time to process and return an approved police clearance certificate, should you start with your local SAPS police station.

Then there’s the frustration-free route that takes you to your police clearance certificate via Doc Assist Police Clearance Services, which saves you a lot of time and energy, never mind about the stress and waiting period that comes with the first approach.

Everything you need to know about getting a police clearance in South Africa!

We’ll start with the long and winding road first, and all it entails;

  1. Visit your nearest police station, where you’ll be directed to the person in charge of police clearance certificates
  2. Have fingerprints taken
  3. Take 2 copies of your ID or passport to be certified at the police station
  4. If you’re going to want you’re maiden and married name to reflect on the police clearance certificate, you’ll need to bring a copy of your marriage certificate to be certified at the police station
  5. Once this is done, you will need to fill in your police clearance application form. This is a very delicate and important part of the entire process. Take into account that you’ll be dealing with an overloaded SAPS station and staff, and they won’t have the time to double check or guide you through the possible mistakes that could cause your application to be returned to you, to start all over again. Even if you misspell one word, get one date wrong or mistakenly fill in Mrs instead of Mr could cause you a world of frustration.
  6. The local police station will only send your application form off to the SAPS Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria once their bag is full enough with applications to warrant it being sent. This could mean that your application takes weeks to be sent to the CRC, and there is no one to follow up on whether or not your application has been registered on the SAPS system
  7. You will have to get a contact number and reference number so that you can continue to follow up on the progress of your application – frustration central!

Now let’s look at the frustration-free route via Doc Assist;

The only physical workout you’ll get is to get your fingerprints done in ink, copies of your marriage certificate, should you need it, and 2 copies of your South African ID or Passport.

Please note that the team at Doc Assist will be able to simplify obtaining a PCC for you whether you are currently living overseas, or are in South Africa.

Here’s what you send to the friendly team of professionals at Doc Assist before you sit back and leave all the rest to them:

  1. Set of your fingerprints in ink
  2. 2 Copies of your ID or Passport
  3. Information regarding the country where the PCC will be used
  4. Your marriage certificate, should you wish to have both your maiden and married surname on your police clearance certificate

Want to know more?

Contact Doc Assist Police Clearance Services today, to find out more about just how much frustration this team has taken out of the process of getting a police clearance in South Africa! No one could have made it simpler and this team is a pleasure to work with.

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