Getting a Police Clearance Certificate via Doc Assist is a streamlined process, designed to alleviate all the stress that this type of application can cause anyone who will be applying for an official document like a PCC.

Going through an overworked, understaffed SAPS local police station, which would be your first step in the process, can be an incredibly time-consuming, frustrating experience.

Due to the overloaded SAPS, there isn’t really anyone to assist you with making sure that your application form is filled in 100% correctly, which is an essential step.

One mistake at this point could see your application form sent back, just because you may have misspelt your second name or surname, and it didn’t correlate with what the SAPS Criminal Record Centre has on their records.

Getting a Police Clearance Certificate via Doc Assist

Doc Assist is a South Africa based document procurement service made up of a team of professionals that know and understand exactly how to make it easier on you to obtain your police clearance certificate.

The team at Doc Assist does much more than offer their police clearance certificate services.

They have a long list of document procurement services that make getting something like an unabridged birth certificate, drivers licence or marriage certificate absolutely hassle free, along with other services, which you are welcome to view here.

Here are the steps you’d need to take, in order to leave it up to the awesome team at Doc Assist to handle your application for a police clearance certificate.

The basics you’ll need to step out from behind your laptop are fingerprints and copies of your ID or Passport, and Marriage certificate (if it applies). 

From that point on, this is all you need to do until the day the team sends you an email copy of your police clearance certificate for your approval, sending them;

  • A full set of your fingerprints done in ink


  • The name of the country in which you’ll be using your police clearance certificate in


  • 2 Copies of either your ID or Passport


  • If you would like your maiden name and married surname on the police clearance certificate, you’ll need to supply Doc Assist with your marriage certificate. Please note that only one of each will be accepted by the SAPS Criminal Record Centre (CRC) for processing.

What happens next?

Well, this is literally where you sit back and relax, leaving the entire process in the capable hands of the team at Doc Assist. 

Since these professionals submit police clearance applications on a daily basis, they have an intimate knowledge about how to make sure that your application is in fact registered on the SAPS system.

It’s in areas like this that applications often get lost when done via SAPS police stations, and, along with a major backlog in applications at the CRC, this simply ups the frustration on your behalf.

Once the team at Doc Assist receives your approved PCC, they’ll be quick to email you a scanned copy of the PCC, to give you the opportunity to make sure that all the details on it are correct.

Once you’ve approved the copy, Doc Assist will send you the original via a trusted courier, and you’ll be ready to apply for any visa or employment position that prompted your need for a police clearance certificate!

Contact the team at Doc Assist today to get a quote or for further information, preferably via email, as the team is unable to quote you on police clearance services telephonically.

You can look forward to a speedy response from these friendly professionals on every level.


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