There’s the long and winding road to getting a police clearance certificate (PCC), which involves a long, frustrating experience and waiting period, and then there’s the straightforward and simple method, which starts with Doc Assist.

Doc Assist is a South African based document procurement service, with a team of experienced professionals on hand to make applying for a police clearance certificate absolutely hassle-free.

They work really hard at taking all the frustration out of applying for any official document, since they do so much more than assist with applications for police clearance certificates.

When you look at the statement here’s what you need to send to Doc Assist to get started on your police clearance certificate: you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this team of professionals has streamlined the entire process of obtaining a police clearance certificate.

Here’s what you need to send to Doc Assist to get started on your police clearance certificate:

Your first step when applying for your police clearance certificate via Doc Assist would be to contact the team with your request or for a quotation, on the links below;

  • Sending a detailed email with all your queries.
  • Requesting a quotation for the full service.

Doc Assist will need you to send the following to them:

  • A set of your fingerprints – these will need to be done at a police station in ink
  • 2 copies of your South African ID or Passport
  • Information on which country the police clearance certificate will be used in
  • If you are married and want your maiden and married surname on the police clearance certificate, you will need to send a copy of your marriage certificate as well.

Please note; Doc Assist is able to assist you with a police clearance certificate application whether you are currently living overseas, or are living in South Africa!

How does Doc Assist do applications for police clearance certificates?

Because the team at Doc Assist has been making applications for police clearance certificates for a long time, they have formed important relationships with those they deal with on a daily basis, such as the Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

Doc Assist submits applications for police clearance certificates on a daily basis, making them a familiar presence at the CRC, which means that they know exactly who to contact, to make sure that your application has been added to the SAPS database.

It’s unfortunate, but with the pressure put on an understaffed SAPS, when applications are made at police stations, it is possible for applications to go missing, especially due to the backlog at the CRC, as well as how long it will take for the police station to send your application to the CRC.

Get started on you PCC today with Doc Assist

As you can see, Doc Assist has taken all the frustration out of applying for a police clearance certificate. Once you’ve supplied them with all necessary documents, you can leave it to these professionals to keep an eagle eye on the progress of your application, until the day it arrives, while you’ve sat back and relaxed! 


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