If at any point you may have had a brush with a law in the past, or aren’t sure whether something like a driving offense left you with a record, even if many years ago, your question will be; how can I check my police clearance status in South Africa?

In terms of what the employment industry for South African businesses is, especially on the heels of high unemployment rates, you will more than likely want to know what your police clearance status is before applying for employment.

Unfortunately, many companies will fire an employee for criminal behaviour, whether fraud, theft or goods, or misappropriation of company assets and time, without going to the trouble of laying criminal charges. 

In cases like this, the individual will generally have been involved in other criminal activities outside of this, which means that they could well already have a criminal record.

In this type of climate, the vast majority of employers are now demanding that potential employees provide them with their criminal record status, instead of relying purely on the merit of a CV.

How can I check my police clearance status in South Africa?

The process for checking your police clearance status has been made really easy through the use of third-party PCC services such as Doc Assist. 

What you need for a Police Clearance Certificate

Ultimately, you will need to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate if you wish to check your police clearance status for more than just your own personal reasons.

Trust isn’t easily gained today, and, even people beginning a new romantic relationship may want to know whether the person they may be getting involved with has any illicit dealings in his or her past, which could impact the relationship.

Whether personal or for business reasons, you’ll need to go through a third party such as Doc Assist to find out more about whether someone has a criminal record.

Wanting to know whether someone has a record for domestic violence, crimes against children, drunk driving, or even shoplifting is only natural in a world that is moving faster than ever before, with more opportunities to cover up illegal acts.

You will need to give Doc Assist your ID number if all they’re doing is a basic check of your police clearance status, but, if you are looking for the same information on someone else, you will need their permission to do so.

Contact the experienced team at Doc Assist today to find out more about how you can check your police clearance status in South Africa, and, should you need to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, this is your go-to team for taking all the frustration out of the process on your behalf!


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