Planning to work or study overseas? Applying for a position that will require a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)? If any of these apply to you, you’re probably asking the question; how can I get proof of no criminal record? 

There are two ways of going about obtaining a police clearance certificate, which will be all the proof you need that you don’t have a criminal record. One is to tackle the process on your own, in which case you’re going to need a lot of patience and time.

The other is to get the team at Doc Assist to smooth the experience for you with their police clearance services. This means that these professionals will take all the necessary information required for the application and run with it on your behalf to its conclusion.

How can I get proof of no criminal record?

If you want to get proof of having no criminal record on your own, you’ll have to go to the nearest police station to get your application started. You will be taken to the person in charge of getting your application for a police clearance certificate to the SAPS Criminal Record Centre, which is the department responsible for issuing PCC’s.

Once all the forms are filled in, with fingerprints and ID attached, you should ask for a reference number in order to be able to follow up on the progress of your application.

Unfortunately, it used to be that you could get your PCC this way within 2 to 4 weeks, however, with a massive backlog in requests being experienced by the SAPS Criminal Record Centre, this has now increased to anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how far they’ve managed to clear the backlog.

Obtaining a police clearance certificate with Doc Assist

Doc Assist is a South African-based document procurement company, committed to alleviating the stress and frustration that often comes with acquiring official documentation, such as unabridged birth certificates, matric certificates, marriage certificates and more.

This team of professionals makes obtaining a police clearance certificate a streamlined process that only requires your initial input to get it going, and leaves you out of it until it’s time to receive the PCC.

Doc Assist can help you to get your police clearance certificate within plus minus 15 working days, which is a whole lot better than waiting far longer if you go it alone!

If your application needs to be expedited, Doc Assist will go to bat for you in order to get it to you within 10 to 15 working days!

You can rely on Doc Assist to follow up on your application and keep you informed of the progress regularly, so that you know exactly what’s going on with your application.

Contact the team of professionals at Doc Assist today to find out more about how they can help you to obtain a police clearance certificate, free from all the frustrations you could encounter if you decide to do it on your own.


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