The request of clients to verify their marital status is not uncommon. Unfortunately, you are unable to do so. However, you can contact your local Department of Home Affairs. Despite the simplicity of the process, DHA can have difficulty identifying your marital status. You should be aware of several things when checking your status with DHA.

A person’s marital status is categorized into 6 different status types — married, unmarried, divorced, widower, widow and deceased. In essence, it consists of information that is stored by the Department of Home Affairs regarding your current marital status. Due to the inaccessibility of local DHA offices, many South Africans living abroad are unable to verify their marital status. 

Check My Divorce Certificate Online South Africa

It is not possible to view divorce decrees online in South Africa. You may need to contact the High Court to obtain a copy of the original document. If you reside abroad, you can verify your marital status at the nearest consulate or embassy. The process may take a long time to complete.

As part of DocAssist’s service, your status is verified directly with the Department of Home Affairs. In some cases, we may even be able to help you correct your status. It has been reported that some individuals may have been incorrectly registered as married as a result of immigration scams. Status confirmation through Home Affairs has proved helpful in numerous situations.

It is commonly assumed that divorcees’ DHA status will automatically change once a divorce is finalized in court. The status of divorcees that have not changed can be identified using status checks. Any mistakes can also be rectified promptly. You must also verify your status when applying for citizenship or residency abroad.

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