It’s becoming more common these days for people to need a clearance letter to prove they don’t have a criminal record against their name, for a variety of reasons, and if this is the first time you need to find out more about clearance letters, you’ll be asking the question; how do you get a clearance letter?

Working in tandem with SAPS Crime Scene Management (CRM), the SAPS Criminal Record Centre (CRC) is the only department with the authority to issue a clearance letter, which is more commonly known as a Police Clearance Certificate, PCC for short.

If you want to get a South African police clearance certificate, you can only get it by applying at your closest police station or, by contacting a police clearance services company like Doc Assist to streamline the entire process for you.

How do you get a Police clearance letter?

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to experience the frustration that comes with obtaining a police clearance certificate on your own and would like the team at Doc Assist to tackle it on your behalf, start by contacting them for an affordable quote.

In this quote, the team will quote a time frame that is also dependent on the backlog being experienced by the Criminal Record Centre, however, because Doc Assist consists of a team of experts who know exactly how to cut down on unnecessary red tape, you should be looking at only waiting up to 15 working days for your PCC!

Doing it alone could see you waiting anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, and we all know which would be preferable, depending of course on your own schedule.

You can apply for a police clearance certificate via Doc Assist whether you live in South Africa or are currently residing overseas. The process remains the same, except that where an overseas police station doesn’t take ink fingerprints, you’ll have to go to the embassy to have them taken there.

Once you have Doc Assist on your side for the duration of the process involved in getting a police clearance certificate, this is what you’ll need to send the team:

  • Your fingerprints


  • 2 certified copies of your ID or passport


  • Marriage certificate – if you want your married and maiden surname on the police clearance certificate, you’ll need to supply the team with a marriage certificate.

How does Doc Assist help with getting a police clearance certificate?

Because the team at Doc Assist submits applications for police clearance certificates on a daily basis, this team has the experience and has also formed professional relationships with those they deal with at SAPS, they know exactly how to ensure that your application is definitely registered on the SAPS system.

Doc Assist will keep you updated throughout the process, so that you always know exactly what is happening with your application, while they also follow-up with SAPS until it’s time for the PCC to be collected.

Once collected, Doc Assist will send you a scanned copy of the police clearance certificate to make sure that all the details are correct, before they finally send it to you safely via courier. 

Take the simplified route to a police clearance certificate by contacting the team at Doc Assist today for a quotation!


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