Marriage is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make because it is a lifelong commitment. However, it is not easy and many marriages fail.


Divorce is a common result of unsuccessful marriages. As soon as the divorce is finalized, the parties can move on with their lives. Those who divorce may choose to remarry, but after how long can they remarry in South Africa?

Remarriage and Divorce in South Africa

Choosing to divorce can be as difficult as choosing to remain in a marriage. When two parties decide to end their marriage, certain processes are followed. Divorce is often a lengthy process that requires approval from the court.


When both parties cannot agree, and when there are children involved, enduring a divorce can be especially difficult. In this article, we will explore remarriage.

How Long After a Divorce Can You Remarry in South Africa?

The dissolution of one marriage doesn’t necessarily equate to the failure of a subsequent marriage for many divorced individuals. Divorced individuals can choose to remarry. Additionally, there is no known set timeframe within which divorced people can remarry. To remarry, the divorce must have been finalized, and you must have obtained the divorce decree, also known as the divorce order.


Remarrying immediately after your divorce isn’t the best course of action. After getting divorced in South Africa, you can remarry to whoever you wish with a final divorce decree. You will no longer be tied to your former spouse because your marriage will be legal.

Documents Required for Reentering a Marriage

You will need certain documents as a divorcee entering into another marriage. A final decree of divorce, an identity document and valid passports are required in the event that a foreign national marries a South African citizen.


Even after a failed marriage, some people are attracted to another relationship after divorce. You require a final divorce decree to be able to remarry in South Africa after divorce, giving you the freedom to marry whoever you like without any ties to your ex. Need help with your divorce order so you can get married as soon as possible? We can assist. Get in touch with DocAssist today. 

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