As with any other official documentation, the validity of PCC’s varies from country to country, but, how long is a Police Clearance Certificate valid for in South Africa?

Just getting a Police Clearance Certificate can take up to 30 days or more, if you do it via the South African Police Services. This is due to an unavoidable backlog, which is as a result of the demand for this service, and the fact that there are too few people to do an overwhelming amount of work.

If, for any reason, you are wanted by the police in connection with any crime, you will not be able to get a PCC, of course. If you’re planning to emigrate or work overseas, it’s best to get going as soon as possible to make sure you give yourself enough time to get your PCC.

How long is a police clearance certificate valid for in South Africa?

Police Clearance Certificates are valid for 6 months in South Africa, unless there are any stipulations involved in your application which might change this period.

This of course makes it essential for you to time your application for a PCC well, so that it doesn’t expire during the period in which you need it. After this period, the PCC will automatically expire, after which you’ll need to reapply for a new PCC.

Doc Assist keeps you updated every step of the way!

Once you’ve handed over all the necessary documentation to Doc Assist, for them to begin the process of obtaining your PCC, you can rely on this team to keep you updated throughout the process.

This team does the follow up on your behalf, and, since they submit applications on a daily basis with SAPS, you can be absolutely certain that your application won’t get lost in the system!

Once Doc Assist has collected your completed Police Clearance Certificate, they’ll scan a copy to send to you, just to verify that all the details are 100% correct.

Once this is confirmed, Doc Assist will get your PCC to you via courier, leaving you with nothing to do but sign on receipt of your documents!

Living overseas & need a South African Police Clearance Certificate?

No problem! All you need do is to go to the South African embassy in the country you are living or working in, get copies of your fingerprints and ID, and Doc Assist will take it from there…just remember that you’ll need to use your overseas address on the PCC.

Exemptions for Police Clearance Certificates

While certain countries have raised the age limit for a PCC to 16 years, children under 12 years may still be exempted from needing a Police Clearance Certificate, but just to be absolutely certain, speak to the team at Doc Assist about this before you make plans to emigrate, study or work overseas.

You do need to make sure that you collect your Police Clearance Certificate within 3 months of its issue if you’re going it alone, as those not collected within this time period will be destroyed.

Contact Doc Assist today, to find out more about the right timing to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, before you make plans to emigrate, study or work overseas!


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