You may need a death certificate to close someone’s accounts and prove their passing. The question is, how many certificates will you need?


A death certificate will be issued by the Department of Home Affairs when it receives the notification of death (Form BI-1663) and the death report (Form BI-1680). In case of overseas death, applications must be lodged at any South African embassy, mission or consulate.


There is no public access to death certificates in South Africa. Fill out form BI-132 at your nearest Home Affairs office if you require a replacement copy of a death certificate or if you need a full death certificate. Upon receiving a notification of death and death report, the Department of Home Affairs will issue a death certificate.


For research purposes, the Department of Home Affairs maintains birth, marriage, and death records, but none of these records is accessible to the public. If you want information about an event, you must write to the Department of Home Affairs and provide exact details.

Can Anyone in South Africa Get a Copy of a Death Certificate?

Specific officers at the DHA. Members of the SA Police Service, especially where there are no Home Affairs offices. If the death occurred abroad, please contact the mission, embassy, or consulate of South Africa. Licensed and legally appointed funeral directors.


How Many Original Death Certificates Can You Get?

The minimum amount of death certificates recommended is two, but most people need more. You may need more death certificates if your solicitor is handling the estate or if you handle it yourself.


Most families get ten certificates on average. Whenever you need more copies, you can always contact the local registrar who is responsible for the region where the deceased passed. It will depend on the deceased’s estate.

Let DocAssist Help You Obtain Death Certificate Copies

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