When you plan to move to another country or work abroad, you may encounter the term “Apostille.” If you intend on applying for a visa, your documents will have to be apostilled to be accepted for entry. Apostilles are issued by DIRCO in Pretoria to confirm that a South African document has been authenticated or legalized.

How Much Does It Cost to Apostille a Document?

For an apostille or authentication from DIRCO in Pretoria, please request a quote and advise which  document  you need apostlled . We will then evalute the docuemnt type and the country you  require it for and will send you a detailed quote  Among the documents you might need an apostille for are the following:


  • Abridged and unabridged birth and death certificates
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Letters of no impediment
  • Degrees, diplomas and educational certificates
  • Police clearance certificates
  • How Does the Apostille Process Work in South Africa?


Depending on the type of document, the legalisation of it may require the stamps or signatures of the appropriate institution or department, a magistrate or assistant magistrate or a registrar of the High Court of South Africa. Dirco is the only institution in South Africa that can apostille a document.

Is It Possible to Apostille Documents While Living Abroad?

Documents from South Africa can only be apostilled in South Africa. If you are outside of South Africa, you can have your documents apostilled and sent to you via DHL. The documents must be sent to us, and we will arrange their receipt and delivery.

What Is the Expected Turnaround Time for Apostilling South African Documents?

Currently, Dirco takes between 4-6 weeks to process orders. If you use a service such as DocAssist, it will be much faster. Once we receive your documents, our Apostille process will take approximately seven working days.

When Does an Apostille Expire?

It is important to note that these documents are only valid for six months after issuance. 


Let DocAssist assist you in getting your documents apostilled in Pretoria now and save time and money! For more information or to request a quote, please feel free to contact us. 


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