If you’re a young person planning to study or work overseas, your first question will obviously be; how old must I be to get a Police Clearance Certificate?

There will of course be many other questions, such as how long it takes to get a PCC and how long it will be valid for, but we’ll stick to the crux of the matter here, concerning how old you need to be to get a Police Clearance Certificate.

Most of these questions are best addressed for accuracy by contacting the team of professionals at Doc Assist, who have been involved in obtaining official documents for many years now, and will always have the latest information available.

How old must I be to get a Police Clearance Certificate?

While in some countries the age limit for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate has been raised to 16, in South Africa it is generally accepted that children under 12 will be exempted from requiring a PCC.

If a family is planning to apply for citizenship and there are children involved, it’s best to contact Doc Assist to find out about the timing involved in requesting a Police Clearance Certificate, before applying for citizenship in a foreign country.

The same would naturally apply for those planning to study or work overseas. Making sure you have the latest information is essential, as regulations can change at the drop of a hat!

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

Bottom line; a PCC is the most important document you’ll need if you’re planning to live, work or study overseas. It’s the first step in a pretty long line of other official documentation you’ll need, to apply for immigration or permanent residence overseas.

The Police Clearance Certificate, at its simplest, is an official statement testifying to the fact that you have no criminal record, and can only be issued by the South African Police Services. 

Your PCC has to be available to add to the next lot of documentation you’ll need at the start of an application process to emigrate or work overseas.

Who issues Police Clearance Certificates in South Africa?

There was a time when you would need to take your application for a PCC to the Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management (CR & CSM), which is the department responsible for the issuing of Police Clearance Certificates.

However, if you’re willing to face the endless frustration of doing this on your own, you’ll be starting the process at your local police station…and from there, you’ll spend up to a month keeping track of the progress being made on your application!

Take the frustration out of obtaining a PCC by contacting Doc Assist!

There is, however, a much simpler approach to getting a Police Clearance Certificate, and that’s to hand over all the pertinent documentation required for the application to the team at Doc Assist!

Contact Doc Assist today and they’ll do all the work for you, submitting and collecting your completed Police Clearance Certificate with the absolute minimum of hassle.

This team will become your best friend, especially when it comes to cutting through a system that is severely backlogged! Doc Assist will also make sure to include the current processing time, once you’ve requested a quotation from them to apply for a PCC on your behalf!


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