If you’re wondering about how to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in South Africa, you could well be feeling that the whole process may seem rather complicated and daunting, especially if you’ve listened to others that have had negative experiences when applying for a PCC on their own.

Unfortunately, with the current round of load shedding courtesy of Eskom, where there seems no end in sight, and the backlog this is causing at the SAPS Criminal Records Centre (CRC) in Pretoria, things aren’t looking too bright for those trying to apply on their own.

Obtaining an expedited police clearance certificate is possible in certain instances, however, this is at the discretion of the CRC according to legislation, which mostly applies to those with employment opportunities or who have plans for tertiary studies.

The rest of us have to plan pretty well in advance to obtain a police clearance certificate, keeping in mind that a South African PCC is only valid for six months from date of issue.

How to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in South Africa?

There are four ways to obtain a police clearance certificate in South Africa, which are;

  1. Sending your application for a PCC to the CRC in Pretoria directly via courier, however, under the prevailing circumstances, you can forget about being certain that your application is registered on the SAPS system, and you won’t be able to have accurate details about how far your application is in the process.
  2. Applying at your nearest police station, which could result in further delays due to the fact that the police station only sends off applications once their bag of applications is full enough to warrant sending it to the CRC.
  3. If you have family or friends who live in the vicinity of the CRC in Pretoria, they can submit the application for you, however, yet again, keeping track of the progress of your application is going to be a challenge.
  4. If you want all the frustration taken out of the process and be absolutely certain that your application is registered on the SAPS system, with an easy point of contact to have updates on the progress of your application, then Doc Assist, which is a document procurement services company, is the best route to take for safety.

The professional team at Doc Assist submits police clearance certificates on a daily basis, and is always available to keep you updated with regard to turnaround times at the CRC, as well as how long you can expect it to take to receive your approved PCC.

Doc Assist makes obtaining a police clearance certificate a streamlined process!

There are only a few things you need to do in order to provide the team at Doc Assist with all they require to take it from there and apply for your PCC on your behalf.

What you need to send Doc Assist, once you’ve requested and approved their quotation, to get the ball rolling;

  • A set of your fingerprints (taken in ink)
  • 2 copies of either your ID or passport
  • A copy of your marriage certificate if you’d like your maiden and married surname on the PCC
  • The country the PCC will be used in

Once this is done, the team at Doc Assist will make sure that your application is in fact registered on the SAPS system, and once they’ve collected the signed off PCC, they’ll email you a scanned copy for you to approve.

Once you’ve made sure all the details are in order on the PCC, Doc Assist will courier it to your door, and they’ll have taken all the frustration out of the process for you.

This is the streamlined process on how to obtain a police clearance certificate in South Africa, and if this is your idea of doing it the right way, contact the team today to find out more about Doc Assist’s Police Clearance Services!

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