If you’re asking the question; is Police Clearance Certificate needed for visa, the short answer is yes! If you want to immigrate, work or study overseas, a police clearance certificate is a vital document to have when applying for your visa.

Police clearance certificates aren’t only required for the purposes of applying for a visa. They’re also a necessity for those seeking employment locally, whether it’s a requirement for a high security position, working with children, or is a requirement for your specific job application.

Many employers today don’t simply go on the contents of your CV, they have also made it a necessity for applicants to provide them with a police clearance certificate, as part of the hiring process.

This is clearly due to the increase in blue collar crime, fraud and crime syndicates that’ll do anything to get someone into a position in a company to benefit their criminal intentions.

Is Police Clearance Certificate Needed for Visa?

As stated above, yes, a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is one of the most important documents you’ll need in order to apply for a visa. But why is a PCC needed for a visa you may ask?

Well, a PCC is proof that you don’t have a criminal record, which is considered by the country you may be going to as a measure of your good standing and reputation.

You cannot travel overseas if you have a criminal record, and if you do have one, you can apply to have the criminal record expunged, provided that you meet the criteria for expungement.

This is a process that can take up to six months to complete, but at the end of that time, you’ll have a new police clearance certificate, with no criminal record attached to it.

How to apply for a South African Police Clearance Certificate

If you choose to apply for a visa, you need to plan well in advance at the moment, as there are major backlogs at the SAPS Criminal Record Centre for various reasons.

The most straightforward, secure and simplified way to go about applying for a police clearance certificate in preparation for immigration, study or work abroad, is to deal with the professional document procurement experts at Doc Assist.

The team at Doc Assist submits police clearance applications to the Criminal Record Centre on a daily basis, which means they know exactly how to make sure that your application is recorded on the SAPS system, and they are up to date with processing times due to the abovementioned backlog.

You won’t have to wonder about where your application is and how far it is in the process, this is what Doc Assist is there for, to take all the frustration out of applying for a police clearance certificate.

Should you need to apply for a police clearance certificate for visa purposes, contact Doc Assist today for the real facts pertaining to the application for a South African police clearance certificate.

Whatever you do, don’t believe anyone who tells you they can get you a police clearance certificate in less than at least 10 working days!


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