Let’s paint a picture for you of the process of applying for a police clearance certificate that can be truly frustrating and time consuming, before we consider the statement that obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is quick and painless.

The comparison simply has to be made for it to ring true for anyone wanting to apply for a PCC in South Africa, with no intention to put anyone down, but simply look at the reality of the current situation, when it comes to these applications.

There is currently a rather large backlog of applications at SAPS Criminal Record Center (CRC), which is the only department that is able to approve police clearance certificates.

The CRC is where all fingerprints and other data is stored on anyone who has a criminal record, and in order for them to approve a PCC, they have to go through their database of fingerprints and other information to make sure the person applying has a clear record.

If you apply for a police clearance certificate starting at the police station, you could be waiting for up to 10 weeks or more for your application to be approved.

This is because the local police station has a special bag they keep for PCC applications, which they only send to the CRC once it is full enough to warrant sending it off, which could take weeks, which will be added to the backlog waiting time.

Our overworked, understaffed SAPS members generally have desks stacked higher than most people would be able to cope with, which means you won’t have a designated person checking to see that your application has been added to the SAPS database.

It’s here that many PCC applications get lost in the ‘mail’ leaving you to start all over again…major frustration! You’ll also be back at the beginning if you make a single spelling mistake on your application form, which won’t be much fun either!

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is quick and painless

While you’ll still have to visit your local police station, preferably the quietest one, if such a thing exists, for fingerprints, there can be no doubt that obtaining a police clearance certificate is quick and painless when you place your application into the hands of the professionals at Doc Assist.

Doc Assist is made up of a team of document procurement specialists who do far more than apply for PCC’s on behalf of their clients. This team is situated in South Africa, but are more than willing and able to assist clients who are currently living overseas, to apply for a police clearance certificate.

It’s really a simple matter of contacting Doc Assist for a quotation or emailing the team with any questions you may have, and then supplying them with 4 lots of information to get going on your application.

The team at Doc Assist is happy to share their expertise with clients, whether it’s regarding a PCC application, a matric certificate, marriage certificate, Apostille, Embassy verification and more.

Visit the Doc Assist website to find out more about their extensive services.


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