Obtaining a death certificate in South Africa is a critical step in the aftermath of losing a loved one. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the documents and information required to ensure a successful application.

Required Documentation

Notification of Death

The initial step in acquiring a South African death certificate is to promptly notify the Department of Home Affairs of the passing. To do this, you will need to complete a vital document – the death report form (BI-1663). This form serves as an official notification of the death to the authorities.


In addition to the death report form, you must possess the deceased’s medical certificate of death. This certificate, signed by a qualified medical practitioner, outlines the cause of death. Furthermore, you will need a notification of death (DHA-1663) from the undertaker who handled the deceased’s remains. This document provides crucial details about the deceased and the circumstances of their passing.

Proof of Identity and Relationship

As the applicant seeking the death certificate, it is essential to establish your identity. This can usually be achieved by providing a copy of your identification document (ID) or passport. These documents confirm your identity and connection to the deceased.


Moreover, you must demonstrate your relationship to the deceased. This is typically achieved through documentation such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or an affidavit if there is no formal documentation available. These documents serve as evidence of your relationship and eligibility to request the death certificate.

Additional Information

The documentation mentioned above constitutes the core requirements for obtaining a death certificate in South Africa. However, it’s important to note that unique circumstances may necessitate additional documentation. For example:


  • In cases where the deceased is a child, the birth certificates of both parents may be required.
  • If the deceased was divorced, divorce certificates or legal documents may be necessary to confirm marital status.


It’s advisable to consult the Department of Home Affairs or seek assistance from a reliable document agency like Doc Assist to ensure you have all the required documents tailored to your specific situation.


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