A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a very important document required for various legal and professional reasons, such as immigration, employment, and international travel. 

If you’re a first time applicant, one of your first questions will be; what are the documents required for Police Clearance Certificate?

All the documentation that you’ll need to provide for an application will contribute to verifying your criminal record status, and in this guide, we’re going to look into the essential documents needed for a Police Clearance Certificate, as well as introducing you to a streamlined way of obtaining one through Doc Assist.

What are the Documents Required for Police Clearance Certificate?

Before delving into the documents needed for a PCC, let’s highlight why this certificate holds such immense significance. A Police Clearance Certificate validates that you do not have a criminal record or any pending criminal cases in South Africa, ensuring you’re deemed fit for purposes such as international travel, employment, or immigration.

Essential Documents for a Police Clearance Certificate

When applying for a Police Clearance Certificate, you must gather specific documents to support your application. Here’s a breakdown of the essential paperwork:

  1. Identification Documents: These include certified copies of your South African ID or passport, since your identity is a fundamental component in establishing the accuracy of the certificate, once it has gone through the process of scrutiny by the SAPS Criminal Records Centre.
  2. Fingerprint Form (SAPS 91a): Your fingerprints provide the necessary biometric data required to verify your criminal record status, and you need to ensure you have your fingerprints taken at a SAPS police station or authorised agency using the correct form.
  3. Proof of Payment: The application fee varies depending on your location – whether you’re applying within South Africa or from abroad. Retain the proof of payment as it’s crucial for processing your application.
  4. ID Photos: 2 ID photos are required for identification purposes. Ensure it meets the specified requirements to avoid any delays, which can easily happen at every step of this process.

The Convenience of Doc Assist’s Police Clearance Services

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate can be a time-consuming, frustrating and intricate process, which is where the team at Doc Assist steps in to streamline the experience. 

Doc Assist offers a service that simplifies the application procedure for a PCC, ensuring you have access to expert guidance and a hassle-free process.

With Doc Assist, you can:

  • Access Clear Guidelines: The team of experts at Doc Assist provide you with straightforward instructions on the documents required and the application process, minimising any confusion about the process.
  • Submit Documents Securely: The platform allows you to upload your documents securely, reducing the risk of documents getting lost or misplaced, which is really important in saving time.
  • Expert Review: Doc Assist’s team of experts reviews your documents to ensure accuracy and compliance, significantly improving the chances of a successful application.
  • Efficient Communication: Through Doc Assist, you can communicate with professionals who are well-versed in the PCC process. Any queries or concerns you have will be addressed promptly. 
  • Convenient Tracking: You can track the progress of your application through Doc Assist, keeping you informed every step of the way.

How to Get a PCC via Doc Assist?

  1. Contact Doc Assist for a quotation, or email them for further information regarding your application. You can also contact them on WhatsApp online or via Skype.
  2. Documents to be Provided: Once you’ve accepted your quote from Doc Assist you’ll need to send them 2 copies of either your ID or passport, your fingerprints, info on the country the PCC will be used in, as well as a copy of your marriage certificate should you want your maiden and married surname to reflect on the PCC.


  1. Expert Review: Doc Assist’s experts will review your documents for accuracy and completeness.
  2. Application Submission: Once reviewed, your application will be submitted to the CRC, where the team will ensure that your application is indeed captured on the SAPS system.
  3. Track Progress: You can track the progress of your application by contacting the team at Doc Assist, who will assist you with updates at every stage.

By understanding the essential documents required and utilising the streamlined services of Doc Assist, you can ensure a smooth and successful application process that will save you time and money, whether you are in South Africa or living abroad. 

Contact Doc Assist today for the right guidance that’ll take all the frustration out of obtaining a South African Police Clearance Certificate, the right way!

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