There are many reasons that people might need to apply for a police clearance certificate (PCC), which means that many of them will be asking the question; what are the requirements for police clearance certificate?

There’s not that much that is required when you apply for a police clearance certificate, except patience, and a whole lot of it! 

The other option is to use a third party agent, such as Doc Assist and their Police Clearance Services, which is the complete opposite of the first option.

No matter which way you choose to apply for your police clearance certificate, the requirements remain the same, it’s just the speed with which the whole process happens, that’s a whole lot faster.

There is currently a backlog at the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) in Pretoria, which is the only agency that can issue police clearance records.

However, despite this, due to the relationship developed on a day to day basis with the CRC, the team from Doc Assist can still speed the process up, especially when it comes to expedited applications.

What are the requirements for police clearance certificate?

There are a few ole-fashioned steps that have to be taken, to make sure that you meet all the requirements for a police clearance certificate, such as having your fingerprints taken.

Despite the fact that your fingerprints will ultimately be converted to digital format by the Criminal Record Centre, for easy storage and access on their database, you still have to have your fingerprints taken in ole-fashioned ink, at a South African Police Services Station.

Another requirement will be two copies of either your ID or passport, which will need to be certified, in order to prove that they are indeed copies of the original.

Another important document you’ll need to add to the rest, is your marriage certificate. 

This is necessary should you wish to have both your maiden and married name on the police clearance certificate. Please take note of the fact that only one of each may be used on the certificate.

Last but not least, you’ll need to furnish either SAPS or Doc Assist with the name of the country the police clearance certificate will be used in.


Here is an example of what a Police Clearance Certificate looks like, for your information:

Filling in the application form perfectly!

When you apply for a police clearance certificate, the most important document of all is the actual application form. 

If you fill in Ms. instead of Mrs., misspell your name or surname, leave out a middle name, get a date wrong anywhere, once your application arrives at the Criminal Records Centre, it’ll be returned to the police station you applied at.

Being 100% meticulous about the police clearance certificate application form is essential, especially if you don’t want to wait even longer than necessary for your certificate to be granted.

Contact Doc Assist for more information 

The team at Doc Assist are professionals who deal with PCC applications on a daily basis, and with this level of experience at hand, they will be more than happy to assist you with as much information as you need, to get the ball rolling in the right direction for your PCC application! 

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