Legal proceedings may require you to submit your unabridged marriage certificate. In this article, we will take a closer look at what exactly an unabridged marriage certificate is and how we can help you obtain one.

Be aware! The Marriage Certificate information in the DHA system has not been updated for all marriages by Home Affairs. As a result, getting an unabridged marriage certificate is not guaranteed without a DHA-30 marriage registration form. The DHA-30 form is what you sign on the day you get married (normally with two photos and your fingerprints on the right side).

What Is an Unabridged Marriage Certificate?

A marriage certificate is evidence that a couple is legally married and that their marriage contract is legally enforceable. It is a legal record indicating that two people have entered into a marriage partnership. It is used in jurisdictions where no wedding license is available.


An unabridged marriage certificate serves a dual purpose, according to some authorities. First of all, this certificate proves that the marriage was legal and secondly, that witnesses were present. An unabridged marriage certificate is also called a “long-form marriage certificate” or a “full marriage certificate”.

What Is the Purpose of the Unabridged Marriage Certificate?

Before applying for any other travel documents, Individuals who wish to travel abroad or apply for visas for specific countries must obtain unabridged marriage certificates. The document may also be necessary for adoptions, citizen applications etc.

What Documents Are Needed for Unabridged Marriage Certificate

We can take the stress out of the process of obtaining an unabridged marriage certificate if you prefer not to stand in lines at Home Affairs. DocAssist specializes in legal document assistance in South Africa. We need the following documents from you:


  • A clear PDF scan of your ID document
  • A clear PDF scan of your spouse’s ID
  • The marriage register (DHA-30) received on the day of the wedding
  • Forms should be filled out in black ink and scanned into us in PDF format. Please download the Marriage Certificate DHA-130 application form if you need assistance.

Processing Times: How long does it take to Get an Unabridged Marriage Certificate?

It can take up to one year to process an unabridged marriage certificate application. If the original records cannot be located in the Home Affairs archives, the process may take even longer.


We can help you apply for an unabridged marriage certificate. Our staff will handle the entire process for you. We streamline your unabridged marriage certificate application process with Home Affairs in South Africa. Whenever you need legal documents, our experts are ready to help. Feel free to contact us today.


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