Like any official document, what your Police Clearance Certificate looks like is going to be very important, especially in a day and age when falsifying documents has been made easy through technology.

What this amounts to is perjury, plain and simple, and uncomfortable, as this could mean that you’re in line for a hefty fine or, a prison sentence of up to five years…not worth it!

Ultimately, fine or prison, you’ll end up with a criminal record, which means it would have been better for you to have started out with the truth, even with a criminal record!

If you apply for a Police Clearance Certificate with a criminal record, professional document procurement companies such as Doc Assist will help you to have the record expunged, depending on the offenses committed.

If you’re starting out fresh, with no black marks against your name, you’ll probably like to know what does a Police Clearance Certificate looks like? You’ll also want to know how long it takes to get a PCC and all the documents you’ll need to produce to begin the process.

What does a Police Clearance Certificate look like?

Naturally, because of fraud, it’s not that easy to get a clear picture of what a PCC looks like, however, if you’re wondering about what a PCC looks like, here is a basic image of what you’re in for.

Police clearance Certificate example

Why you would need a Police Clearance Certificate?

In general, people who are planning to emigrate, study or work overseas, will have to have a valid Police Clearance Certificate. This certificate is designed to prove that you have no criminal record and that you are not wanted by the South African Police Services.

Many South African employers have begun to carry out in-depth background checks on any potential employees, especially if they’re going to be employed in a sensitive position, such as in a bank, financial services division and even if they’re employing home caregivers.

This level of background check also includes requesting a PCC from a potential employee, in order to protect company interests from the start. 

People who work offshore in any capacity, whether on an oil rig or foreign construction sites also need to regularly apply for new Police Clearance Certificates, which is where the team of professionals at Doc Assist come to the rescue.

What can Doc Assist do for you?

Perhaps it would be better to ask what they can’t do for you! Doc Assist is a South African-based document procurement service that is able to assist you in procuring any document, including a PCC, whether you live in South Africa or overseas.

This is a seasoned team who have an intimate knowledge of what it takes to make it easier for you to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate, taking all the frustration off your shoulders and offering you a streamlined service for the acquisition of any official documentation.

Contact Doc Assist today!

Let the team at Doc Assist tackle obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate for you, without creating any frustration or stress for you. 

This team knows their stuff, and, even if you need documents such as divorce orders, unabridged birth certificates, or even need a criminal record expunged, let Doc Assist do what they do best…take all the hassle out of obtaining any official documents, the right way!


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