Asking the question, what does a Police Clearance Certificate Show? In its essence, a South African Police Clearance Certificate will show whether or not you have a past criminal record, making it one of the most important documents anyone can have, for many reasons.

A police clearance certificate is only issued by the South African Police Service (SAPS) Criminal Records Centre (CRC), once an in-depth background check is done on you, based on your fingerprints and other information received, to find out whether you have any past criminal record.

Once this background check is done by the CRC and you are found to have no criminal record, you will be issued with a clearance certificate, however, if you do have a criminal record, the certificate will still be issued, but it will have a second page attached which will list your criminal record or records.

What does a police clearance certificate show?

Considering the above-mentioned information, you can see just how important this document is if you want to immigrate, work or study overseas. 

In fact, it has also become a very important document for employment seekers in South Africa in recent years. Employers want to know who they are dealing with, and often request a police clearance certificate as part of the employment screening process, which includes an in-depth background check.

This doesn’t merely apply to positions in high security positions such as in the financial industry, security industry, mining industry, government, working with children, the elderly frail or in hospitals and more.

If you want to apply for a visa, a valid police clearance certificate is a vital document to have with you on applying for the visa. This shows the country that you’ll be going to that you are of good standing and have no criminal background.

How to apply for a police clearance certificate via Doc Assist

Doc Assist is a South African based document procurement service, staffed by a team of professionals who do far more than offer police clearance services.

Doc Assist can help you to obtain unabridged Birth Certificates from Home Affairs, Notary Services, Embassy Verification, Translation Services, Drivers Licenses, Matric Certificates, Marriage Certificates and so much more, just to take all the frustration we’ve all become accustomed to, out of obtaining any official documents!

The team at Doc Assist helps clients to obtain police clearance certificates even if they are currently living overseas, as well as to assist them with renewing their PCC’s.

Once you’ve had your fingerprints taken in ink, you’ll send them off to Doc Assist, along with 2 copies of your ID or Passport, information regarding the country you’re going to be using the police clearance certificate in.

If required, a copy of your marriage certificate needs to be included, should you wish to have your maiden and married surname included on the certificate…and Bob’s your uncle!

From then on, every step of the process is in the capable hands of the team at Doc Assist, who will make sure your application is listed on the SAPS CRC system, and they’ll follow up until your approved certificate is received.

Doc Assist will then email you a copy of the certificate for your approval, after which they will courier the original to you. 

Contact Doc Assist today for a quotation, or to find out more about their full range of services, and let the professionals take charge to save you time and make every process a breeze on your behalf!


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