The documents that detail your previous marriage are called divorce decrees, agreements or settlements. The High Court or the court that issued the decree signs and stamps these documents. Despite many false rumours spread on the internet, it is not possible to download a copy of a divorce settlement from the Department of Home Affairs. 


There is no online access to South Africa’s divorce decrees. To obtain a copy of the original document, you must make an application to the High Court. For a divorce decree to be granted quickly, the divorce case number and the court where it was filed are required. It can take a long time to obtain divorce decrees from the court where your divorce was finalised.

Why Are Divorce Settlements Not Available Online?

In most jurisdictions, a decree is typically not available unless you are a party to the case or the legal representative of a party. This is why these documents cannot be accessed online.


At the civil court where you filed for divorce, divorce settlements are kept in electronic and hardcopy formats. To obtain a copy of this certificate, you must have your divorce case number. A signed affidavit indicating that we may see or copy the document is also required. We can then apply for the document on your behalf.

Where Can I Get a Copy of My Divorce Decree?

Divorce decrees aren’t difficult to obtain in South Africa, but the process takes time. To simplify the process, it’s wise to work with a professional documentation service provider such as DocAssist. We need the following information to assist you:


  • The case number for the divorce
  • Divorce date (month, day, year)
  • Names and ID numbers of you and your ex-spouse
  • The court in which the divorce was finalized 


If you have a divorce decree file with a case number and court name, we may not always be able to obtain it. Sometimes, files are moved to another location, making retrieving them a difficult process. Files can even be found empty in other cases. Due to this, a divorce decree can only be obtained from a lawyer if the couple was represented in court by one.


What does it cost to obtain a copy of your divorce settlement? You will need to factor in the urgency with which you need a divorce decree, as well as the amount of information you have about the divorce. Get in touch with the team at DocAssist for more information or to start the process of getting your divorce records in South Africa.


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