If for any reason you need to apply for a visa, and even if you’re applying for employment in specific industries, you’ll be requested to provide a valid police clearance certificate, which will lead to the question; what is Police Clearance Certificate South Africa?

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is official confirmation that you don’t have a criminal record and are not wanted by the police, which can only be issued by the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) and Crime Scene Management (CSM) in Pretoria.

If you apply for a police clearance certificate and you do have a criminal record, this will reflect on your PCC, however, provided that you meet certain criteria, you can apply to have your criminal record expunged.

There are a few avenues you can take to apply for a police clearance certificate, however, considering the time-consuming nature of wading through what seems like a never-ending round of red tape, many people choose to use a third party service such as Doc Assist, to manage the entire process.

What is Police Clearance Certificate South Africa?

It’s important to note that a South African Police Clearance Certificate is very different to that of a criminal record check. A criminal record check will not be accepted by any consulate or embassy, when it comes to applying for a visa or for immigration purposes, which makes a PCC a vital document when applying for visas.

Another important point to keep in mind when applying for a police clearance certificate, is to plan well in advance of when you’ll need the PCC, as the CRC is experiencing serious backlogs in applications due to a variety of setbacks, not the least of which is the constant system shutdowns due to Eskom load shedding.

This is why it’s far easier to make use of the Doc Assist Police Clearance Services, because this team is in constant contact with the Criminal Records Centre, and can keep you updated with the latest processing times.

The team at Doc Assist won’t pull the wool over your eyes by promising to get your PCC to you within 3 or 5 days; they are honest and upfront in all their dealings, whether it’s for a PCC application, or any other document procurement services on offer through these professionals.

Why does it take so long to obtain a PCC?

Aside from the backlog at the SAPS CRC, the process your application goes through is quite tedious; due to the importance of an official PCC, mistakes can cause real problems, on your side and on the part of the CRC.

Having the expert guidance of the team at Doc Assist on hand simplifies and streamlines the application process, including keeping you updated on processing times. 

Once you’ve accepted a quotation for your PCC application, all you need to do is send your initial official documents, and Doc Assist will take it from there.

What do you need to send Doc Assist to apply for a PCC?

The following is all you need to send Doc Assist to get your application started;

  • Set of fingerprints – taken at the nearest police station. Fingerprints have to be done in ink as digital fingerprints are not accepted by the CRC.
  • 2 Copies of either your ID or Passport
  • Details regarding the country in which the PCC will be used
  • A copy of your marriage certificate will be required if you choose to have your maiden and married surname on the PCC

Once this is done, there is only one last step to take, before your official PCC is sent to you via courier. This step is for you to check a scanned copy of your police clearance certificate, which Doc Assist will email to you, just to make sure that all the details are correct.

Contact Doc Assist for a quotation or email the team to find out more about what they can do to make applying for a police clearance certificate hassle-free!


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