There are a few different ways to do a background check, either for yourself or on someone else, which begs the question; what is the best background check?

The reasons for background checks are varied, involving either individuals or companies, and ranging from fraud which happens as a result of identity theft, institutions that offer credit or loans, as well as making sure that the qualifications of a job applicant are what their CV says they are.

Even the world of online dating creates a need for background checks, so that you can make sure the person you may decide to date is who they say they are, and aren’t married or fraudsters with a criminal record.

As with any country in the world, South Africa has its fair share of people using false ID’s, which is why it’s essential to do a background check that confirms that the ID being used by someone is in fact theirs.

The demand for counterfeit ID’s is a huge market, designed to aid criminals to use them to carry out human trafficking, smuggling of people and weapons, as well as the ever-present threat they can support with false ID’s, terrorism!

What is the best background check?

There are online platforms that will allow you to check backgrounds based on ID numbers, or you can use a private investigator to do an in-depth background check on someone.

It’s cheaper to do a background check based on an ID number, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the full story about the person, especially when it comes to verifying that they have no criminal record, that they have the driver’s license they say they have, or that they don’t have a bad credit history and are indeed unmarried.

The best background check is a combination of a Police Clearance Certificate, credit check and driver’s license check, both of which require the permission of the person you are considering employing, for instance.

Should you wish to verify the qualifications of someone, you’ll find a record of their real qualifications via the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

As an employer, you are protecting yourself and your business by making a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) part of the employment process. 

If you’re looking for employment in South Africa, you may be doing yourself a huge favour by making sure you have a valid Police Clearance Certificate on hand, since many employers today insist on this, and not just for high security positions.

What makes a Police Clearance Certificate a vital part of a background check?

A South African Police Clearance Certificate is obtained from the SAPS Criminal Records Centre (CRC) in Pretoria. This certificate is confirmation of whether or not you have a criminal record, or are wanted by the police, which again works both ways, for an employer or employee.

A PCC is also a vital document you’ll need if you’re planning on travelling overseas, working or studying overseas, and for immigration purposes.

Ultimately it tells the country you’re going to that you don’t have a criminal record, and if you do have one, the record will be added to your police clearance certificate.

If you’re applying for a visa, a PCC is the only official document that can be presented to any embassy, a plain criminal record check isn’t accepted by any embassy when it comes to issuing visas.

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