As a South African ex-pat living in the Philippines, you may need to have your documents apostilled for immigration purposes. An apostille is a special type of authentication that is required when you need to present your documents to an authority in a foreign country.

What Is an Apostille

An apostille is a type of authentication that is used to verify the authenticity of a document. It is an official certification that is issued by a government agency and is recognized internationally under the Hague Convention. The apostille stamp or certificate is attached to a document to certify that the document is genuine and has been issued by a competent authority. 


The purpose of an apostille is to make it easier for countries to accept official documents from other countries without the need for further authentication. An Apostille is typically required for legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates, and other official documents that need to be used in a foreign country.


If you need to get an apostille stamp in the Philippines, the best way is to use a document agent like Doc Assist who can do it on your behalf. Doc Assist is a reliable and efficient document agency that provides apostille services to South African ex-pats living in the Philippines.


Doc Assist can help you with the entire apostille process, from submitting your documents to Dirco to sending them back to you via DHL. Using a document agent like Doc Assist can save you time and effort in obtaining the apostille stamp. Instead of navigating the complex process yourself, you can entrust the process to experts who can handle it for you.


To get started with the apostille process, you can make contact via the website by requesting a quote. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about the process, including the requirements and fees. Get in touch today!


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