Once you’re overseas, there are certain countries, such as those in Europe and America, that don’t necessarily require a police clearance certificate, if you’re travelling from one country to another, because you may not need a visa to travel through those countries once overseas.

However, looking at it from a South African perspective, the question does inevitably arise; which countries require Police Clearance Certificate? 

Looking at it from a local point of view, many employers make it standard employment practice to request a police clearance certificate from candidates, but there is another face to police clearance certificates than this.

If there’s one thing anyone with a criminal record wants, it’s to get on a plane or boat and head overseas, where no one knows that he/she has a criminal record.

Then they can carry on with whatever criminal activity got them into trouble in the first place, and perhaps worse. 

Which countries require police clearance certificate?

It’s for this very reason that individuals with criminal records cannot leave South Africa without a Police Clearance Certificate! 

If an individual has a criminal record, and it’s of a nature that it cannot be expunged, that individual will never be able to leave South Africa, legally.

Unfortunately, with the displacement of so many people by civil wars throughout the world, those with criminal minds and criminal contacts, can always find a way to slip through the net that each government is trying to tighten, to avoid these situations.

You cannot apply for a visa without a police clearance certificate. The PCC is of utmost importance when it comes to approaching any embassy for a visa, so getting this certificate ahead of time is vital.

Doc Assist Police Clearance Services:

Doc Assist offers 4 police clearance services, each created to ease the frustration that is often experienced when applying for important documents like police clearance certificates.

These services include:

Apostilled Police Clearance Certificate

This means that the team at Doc Assist will notarise and authenticate your police clearance certificate on your behalf, saving you time and running around from pillar to post to get it done. This can be done for customers living locally and overseas.

Police Clearance Certificate without Apostille

This means the team will still be doing everything on your behalf to apply for your police clearance certificate, however, you will need to have it notarised at a South African Police Services Station, Commissioner of Oaths, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant and more.

Police Clearance Certificate Renewal

In most countries, a SAPS police clearance certificate is valid for six months, however, it’s best to check with the country you’re going to, as in some countries, the PCC is only valid for 3 months.

The team at Doc Assist will be more than happy to assist you with any queries in regards to this.

Expungement (of a criminal record in order to apply for a PCC)

There are certain circumstances under which an individual can have their criminal record expunged, and then apply for a new police clearance certificate, which Doc Assist will be happy to do.

Unfortunately, there are also certain circumstances that could lead to a complete denial of a criminal record expungement, as you will see when you click on the link.

Email Doc Assist today to find out more about which countries require a police clearance certificate, and how this team can streamline your application process completely, start to finish.


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