Police clearance certificates have become a more common subject discussed around the braai in South Africa, especially in recent years, with the increase in drug and human trafficking, leading to the main question; who need police clearance certificate?

A SAPS Police Clearance Certificate, otherwise known as a PCC for short, is a very important document that can only be issued by the Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

The CRC stores all the information necessary to determine whether or not an individual has a criminal record in their past, and if their record is clear, they’ll be issued with a police clearance certificate.

Should the individual applying for the police clearance certificate have a criminal record against their name, their criminal records will be attached to their PCC, without the details of the offences that led to the criminal records.

Who need police clearance certificate?

You’d be surprised to find that there’s a whole cross-section of people who need to apply for a police clearance certificate, for a wide range of reasons.

To anyone applying for a visa to immigrate, study or work overseas, the police clearance certificate is the most important document they’ll need, in order to apply for a visa.

In fact, anyone applying for a visa to travel overseas is going to need a police clearance certificate as well. In essence, a PCC is viewed as a certificate of good standing in many of the countries in which it will be used.

Police clearance certificates are also necessary for local employment, especially in specific high security sectors. 

However, it has become a generalised part of many employment contracts that the applicant furnishes the employer with a police clearance certificate, even if they don’t work in a high security industry.

A PCC is required to work in certain local sectors such as banking and other financial institutions, hospitals and other healthcare institutions, security sectors, pharmaceutical manufacturing and in many sectors where a lot of highly valuable research and development is carried out.

If you want to work with children, elderly frail people, mentally or physically disabled people or work as a caregiver in any capacity, you’ll need to provide your employer with a police clearance certificate, and in many of these cases, they’ll also want you to produce a health certificate.

Need a police clearance certificate?

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