If you’re planning to immigrate, study or work overseas, you’ll soon find the answer to the question; why is PCC needed? In addition to this, there are certain fields in which you work that’ll require a PCC, for instance, if you work in a position of trust with children, the elderly or with disabled people, you’ll need a PCC if applying for employment in these industries.

Unfortunately, with the increase in crime worldwide, including white collar crime and fraud, many people aren’t satisfied with just a CV. They also want an in-depth background check which could well involve a Police Clearance Certificate, before they’ll consider you as a worthy candidate.

Why is PCC needed?

If you’re planning on moving overseas, working or studying overseas, you’re going to need a PCC, so that the country you’re going to will know that they’re not allowing a criminal into their country without knowing it.

When you choose to work with the at-risk persons such as elderly frail people, children or disabled persons, whoever employs you has to make sure that you have no crimes associated with your name, as a way of protecting people who are not able to defend themselves against abuse, for instance.

As varied as they are, the industries that involve financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, diamond or gold mining and more, are also industries that require a high level of trust when it comes to employees. 

These industries will also require proof that you don’t have a criminal record, which is only provable through obtaining a police clearance certificate.

A criminal record check, which anyone can do, will merely show whether or not you have a police record, but it won’t show whether you’ve had a suspended sentence which has lapsed, a jail sentence that’s been completed, payment of a fine for criminal offenses, or whether you were sentenced to community service in the past.

Who issues South African Police Clearance Certificates?

Both the South African Police Services Criminal Record Centre (CRC) and Crime Scene Management (CSM) branches are involved in issuing PCC’s. The reason CSM is involved in the issuing of PCC’s is because, although someone doesn’t have a criminal record, they could be involved in an as-yet unsolved crime.

The crime scene may have offered up unidentifiable prints, and because fingerprints are taken for a PCC application, if SAPS is able to match those fingerprints to a crime scene yield, they’ll be able to stop a criminal in their tracks, before they can flee the country.

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